Who is PegLegGreg?

PegLegGreg is a guy who makes music.
— Greg Marshall, CI Design
PegLegGreg Sleeping

PegLegGreg sleeping, 2017


The story of PegLegGreg

I fell in love with hip hop as a young lad. Then I became a better rapper than 99% of the world.

I still am better than 99% of the world's population, maybe even 99.8%. For $10 you can battle me. Submit your invitation to battle here: FigureGreg@gmail.com.

My friends and I started a group called Figureheads and we took music to all ages all over the country. Then we started doing a variety of other things like starting businesses and growing families.  

I'm a professional storyteller. 

These songs started stirring in me years ago. They reflect my love for hip hop, folk, pop music and storytelling.

I got the name PegLegGreg at an MC Battle. I did really well in the battle, but this guy beat me for 1st place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT4YDUEDneE

I got you next time, Keon. See directions for battle invitation and payment above.

So here we are. I'm making music and I'll continue to make music whether or not anyone likes it, because my soul insists on it.